Sunday, November 01, 2009


Earlier today I watched Crosspoint Church via their podcast. I have been keeping up with their "Faith, Hope and Love" series. The pastor Pete Wilson last week cast vision for different projects the church is undertaking in the next several years.
Last weeks message was titled "Abraham's Faith". If you go and read Genesis 12-24 you will read some unbelievable stuff. It's no wonder Abraham was mentioned in Hebrews 11... what some people would call the "faith hall of famers" chapter of the Bible. He had great faith and yet at times struggled with wanting to doubt what God had told him would take place.
What I took away from the message today is about trust. Trusting that what God says he will do in my life, HE alone will do it.
I'm not sure at what point I started struggling with trust but I know it's been there for a while. Usually my trust issues are more with others around me rather than with God. But lately I have struggled with trusting God fully with what I have felt called to do. Like working in ministry with young adults (discipleship) and also pursuing my love of photography and with writing.
I have so many passions and desires that I want to see fulfilled but right now baby steps seem to be what I am taking. I keep reminding myself that I need to be faithful and trust in what is going on in the now.
I want to be like Abraham when God called out to him and he replied "Here I am" with utter abandon and child like faith that shows my God can do anything. All things are possible!

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