Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some pictures of the gnome

Here's the gnome waiting for the flight and then making sure he read the safety instructions before take-off...

The flight and our first night in Vegas

We safely made it to Vegas last night. Although the flight for me (Becky) was a bit bumpier than I would like! I am not a fan of turbulence. (I take deep breathes and pray during the turbulence!) We also had interesting people on our flight. There was a group of women that I decided to name "The Real Housewives of Gaston County".
Last night my sister Julia took us to the strip and that was definitely an interesting experience. I did win four dollars on a machine named "Big Birtha"! After our adventure on the strip we finally made it back to the hotel. We were all exhausted by the time we got back due to the time difference and it being 3:30 am for me, my mom and Pam.

At 3:30 am Vegas time the phone rang in our hotel room. Julia answered the phone and wasn't exactly thrilled with the person who had called. The person on the other end wanted one of the four of us to come down to the lobby to "claim" our prize we had just won. We didn't win anything.... the phone call was from Dan, Pam's boyfriend!!!!! Apparently he called four times! I only heard the phone ring twice.

Now we are headed to Red Rock Canyon so that I can take pictures!!!

I will update with pictures later on tonight....

Friday, March 27, 2009

The trip begins...

Here is our little traveling gnome. Tonight I fly to Vegas with my mom, and my friend Pam. We have decided to make this trip as fun as possible and are going to take pictures of our little gnome friend everywhere. We will be driving back to Charlotte with my sister. Julia officially decided to move home! :)
I will be updating the blog with pictures and stories for you all to read.

Here the gnome is in my office waiting patiently for me to get off in a few hours.